Your Place To Grow is a small family owned day care located in North Cape, Wisconsin.  We provide quality infant, toddler and preschool care and every child is treated specially.

Our place is your place!

Your child gets the attention and support of the entire staff.

Trained early childhood teachers with expertise and experience.

Consistency that builds your child’s confidence and provides you with peace of mind.

Approved child care safety and security procedures.

A clean and healthy environment with nutritious snacks for children.

Socialization with peers for your child’s communication skills and emotional growth.

Early education programs with curriculum based on scientific research.

The convenience of nationwide locations with early and late hours of availability.


Every activity and lesson in our classrooms is created to help your child explore, share and grow in a safe and nurturing environment. Whether your child has first words or first grade on the horizon, see how we prepare your child for success in school and beyond.

Infants (0 – 23 months)

We believe infants are very special and should be treated with much love and affection. We strive to maintain a high quality program for such a delicate age group of children. Not only will your infant be kept in a safe and loving environment but in an environment  that will promote his or her physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. Communication is a big part of an infant’s day. Lots of one on one interaction, eye contact and imitation skills will be practiced.


Our program accepts children at 6 weeks old. A separate room is provided with age appropriate equipment and staffing for your infant. All infants are unique and special and will be treated as such!

3-5 Years Old

At this age children are becoming social beings and developing special friendships. They learn how to interact with their peers. Group activities are expanded upon and academic introduction takes place.  Activities are designed to encourage creativity and individual expression. As the child grows we will modify the activities to enhance their learning and begin preparing for the next step in their education. Math, science, reading, writing, fine and gross motor skills will be worked on daily. Self-help skills will be developed to ensure a positive self-esteem in each child.


Our 3-5 year-old program offers preschool activities every day. Your child will enjoy story time, practicing letter recognition, singing songs, doing art and crafts and structured playtime.

2 Years Old

Toddlers daily schedule is flexible enough to meet the needs of the children in this age group. The children will be introduced to daily tasks and begin learning about the world around them through. Through short daily activities the children will experience life, language, science, math and beginning reading-readiness skills. Activities such as sand/water play, toy riding, block building, kitchen play, dress-up, etc. can begin to teach your child all they are capable of. Routines will be established to help children become more independent and responsible.

Before & After School

Children will be given a snack and time to relax before and after returning from school. There will be structured activities such as, games, art projects, and many outdoor opportunities. Teachers will guide their instruction but children will be encouraged to use their time to be unique and explore their surroundings.


Our staff is passionate about your child's happiness and growth.  This is more than a job for our teachers. It's an opportunity for them to share their passion for life while they inspire, engage, and awaken the wonder inside each and every child.

Kerie Ann


Preschool Teacher


Afternoon Teacher


Infant Room Teacher


School Age Teacher at North Cape School


Two’s Room Teacher


Assistant School Age Teacher at North Cape School


Afternoon Teacher


Our goal is to offer the very best in early childhood education. While that means we may not always have the lowest child care costs, we are always the very best value.

A non refundable enrollment fee of $25 per child ($50 max per family) is due at the time of registration. The fee must be paid and required documentation submitted to the director prior to your child's starting date.

Infant (0 – 12 months)

Full Days   =  $225 a week

Half Days  =  N/A

1 Year Olds

Full Days   =  $47 a day or $225 a week

Half Days  =  $37

2 Years Old

Full Days   =  $43 a day or $205 a week

Half Days  =  $33

3-5 Years Old

Full Days   =  $40 a day or $190 a week

Half Days  =  $30

Before & After School

Before school daily rate  =  $10.00

After school daily rate  =  $10.00
Add $15 to after school rate for early release

Before and after daily rate  =  $20.00
Add $15 to after school rate for early release

Before and after weekly rate  =  $95


Full off day and Summer Program

$35 a day or $165 a week

Registration Fee

A yearly fee of $25 per child or $50 max per family is due at registration and every year thereafter on the child's anniversary day.


Multi-Child Discount

A 10% discount will be applied to the oldest child's rate.

Returned Check Fee

A $30 per return. Cash restitution must be made for the missed payment before service can be resumed.

Late Charge

Any child picked up after their scheduled time will be charged $15.00 for the first 15 minutes you are late and $15.00 for every 15 minutes thereafter.



Tuition is due on Monday at the beginning of each week and considered late if not paid on Friday by 5:30 p.m. - A late fee of $10 will be charged to your account.


If you have any other questions after reviewing our Forms & FAQ page please contact us for additional information.


1. Contact us to check for availability

2. Make an appointment to tour center

3. Fill out paperwork and pay the registration fee to hold your child’s spot

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Your Place To Grow Childcare have a lunch program?
A. No, but we do provide a morning and afternoon snack, milk and juice. Children should bring in a lunch from home. We do have a refrigerator they can put their lunch in and we also have a microwave so the staff can warm items up as needed.

Q. Are staff members CPR trained?
A. Yes, all lead teachers are CPR trained.

Q. How many children is Your Place To Grow Childcare licensed for?
A. We are licensed for 29 children.



We're here to help answer your questions or hear your suggestions.

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“My son has learned so much from the teachers at Your Place to Grow. Every day they have new arts and crafts and different fun activities for the kids. He was singing the days of the week at home, and he told me they sing the song at school, he’s only two! Great teachers and very clean facility.” I’d recommend to anyone!”


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